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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Upon Closer Inspection....

I've had the feeling that there is something missing from my blog lately. Postings, you say? No, it's not that.


As I scroll down, I see that the past picture I put up was of some dancer at a recital. Not my goddaughter, mind you, just some kid I found on the internet to garnish my blog.

Let's fix that situation. I did a image search for "Totally Random." A bunch of photos do not suit the family-friendly environment of this blog (is my blog really family friendly...really? Like, does it give you more time with your kids? Do any of my readers even have kids?)

Anyway, I won't be able to do this as well as Clint (a master at commenting on photos, if ever there was one). Here we go:

OK - it's the Sesame Street characters, looking all thug-like. I just want you to know that I passed by two other images because they were even less "family friendly" (I need to do a readership poll to know who's out there...seriously). I have to confess that this image really disturbs me. I don't want Elmo to be looking so evil. The biggest laugh I'm getting is that the name of the street has been changed to Scramstraat. Now that's a laugh. OK - let's find something a little less...evil.

Egad! It's probably worse. A demon-baby. Or maybe it's the Gollum in the making (it looks like Smegal, doesn't it?). When I clicked on the photo, it began animating, making the eyes move around and sticking out a tongue (IT'S STILL DOING IT!!!!!!). I guess I didn't move away from evil, did I? For those of you with kids, I do NOT think your children look like this. But if they did, I'm not sure what to tell you. It's probably just a phase. Moving on...

OK - this one still has a little violent streak in it, but it's much more funny then scary (thank goodness). I've never encountered a sand ninja, but I bet if I did, I wouldn't fare too well. I have a hard time running on the sand (which is why I was never in Baywatch), let alone fighting a ninja. I'd be a gonner for sure. Where do sand ninjas train, anyway?

I'm just letting you know that this really cool photo of the sky couldn't load. I guess I have to stay with the evil theme.

Not evil, but definitely falls under the "totally random" category. Yup, that's a penguin walking down the street. I'm sure there is a good reason for a penguin walking through suburbia (probably a zoo break). What I think is more interesting is that is appears that the penguin has just passed by a cat, and neither animal seems to have reacted at all. Apparently, this happens a lot in this neighborhood.

Here we have a space rock that bears a striking resemblance to a manatee. Do you know why they are called sea cows? I don't think they look much like a cow. In fact, this doesn't look like a cow at all. It looks like a space rock, just floating out there, with a little follower. Maybe this is the asteroid that got blown up in Armageddon. Probably not.

Last one, and then we'll end this crazy game (and leave it to the professionals, like Clint).

Well, I see that we are ending on a cartoon that looks like it came from the New Yorker or some fancy-schmancy magazine. Just so you know, I get the joke. If I didn't get the joke, I probably wouldn't have included it in the blog. I want to look like I know what I'm doing in this thing. I mean, my readers trust me to give them nuggets of wisdom and pearls of happiness, so I must deliver. If I put something up there that makes no sense (like a baby with a distorted face or children's characters posing as gang members), then they would totally lose confidence in me.

I'll give up now. You know that I barely know what I'm doing in real life, much less on the blog.

Have a good day!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why don't you just stick with telling us what you are doing.

2:36 PM  

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