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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Advent Vespers

Tonight, we are going to see Advent Vespers. It is a worship service put on by the college where I work. Many other schools tend to have a Christmas concert, but we do a full-blown worship service.

Of course, there are some in the music program who consider it nothing more than a concert, but the rest of us know better!

Lining it up as a worship service allows more people to be involved. When I was a student, I carried candles, torches, and banners. There are readings from the campus pastors, the president, faculty, and sometimes students. It goes beyond the music department to include the whole campus community.

The other major difference is that we do not charge for tickets. You do need a ticket to get in, but they are envelopes. You can put whatever amount in that you like. Free will offering!

I've enjoyed attending these last couple of years. It's nice to sit and enjoy the music and the visual elements. It's fun to pick out what students I know and what they are doing. It's fun to be an alumnus on a night like this. It's nice to be a worshipper in a community of people all connected with this college.

Last year, my other half and I gave some money to the college. We hadn't tithed in a while, so it ended up being a large chunk of money. Now we are on the "favored donors" list. Tonight, in addition to the worship, we are attending a reception and dinner for donors. It should make the evening even more interesting. I'll have to wear my nice tie!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh and what an evening it was. Wonderful worship, nice music and great friends to share the experience with. Then dinner at the special "to-do" after-wards was nice. The whole evening was well thought out and stupendously put together.

3:05 PM  

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