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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Tommy the Turkey Time!

Thanksgiving is only a week away. Usually, my other half and I travel between our two families. One year, we are with his family, the next we are with my family. This year, we aren't going anywhere. We are staying home, and my family can come to me.

I'm hosting Thanksgiving. It's like my first adult Thanksgiving. It's very grown-up!

My family is actually arriving tomorrow, and spending over a week at our home. I always have a good time with my family, but I'm sure I'll be tired by the time it is over. As the host, you always feel like you are "on". I also am going to have to be in charge of cooking most of the stuff. I'm sure they will help out, but I will feel like I'm the one who is supposed to know how to cook a Turkey.

I'm no Martha Stewart (because I haven't been to prison - HA!), but I'll try my darndest to make a good Thanksgiving.


A good movie about hosting your family for Thanksgiving is called Pieces of April. It's about estrangement and reconciliation within a family. I found it incredibly touching. I recommend it to you!

Happy week before Thanksgiving!


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