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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Dedication....or Workaholic? You decide!

My family is visiting, and I'm downstairs surfing the internet. That's right, I'm bringing my work home with me. I've been a good son and grandson all day long. Now I'm going to try to finish some work projects.

I'm working on a conference. I'm trying to contact anyone I can who is connected with faith, spirituality, and the GLBT community. That means using a lot of search engines and following a lot of links. At work, I was researching every college and university in the upper midwest. Now I'm doing this search. All so that I can get enough addresses to make up a stupid postcard mailing.

I'm excited about this conference, but I'm feeling very under the gun. We've dedicated ourselves to the speakers and entertainment, so this thing has to go. Now I just need to convince faith-based and GLBT organizations to sponsor the event...and college students to register for the event. All in two months...with Christmas in between. I'm such a glutton for punishment!

Wish me luck. Eventually, I might post something here for you to see what I'm working on. It should be good...if it goes.



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