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Thursday, June 04, 2009

In Iceland

We made it!

It was a six-hour flight that went overnight. Before we started, I commented that I wondered if it would be worse to have teenagers or senior citizens on the plane with me. I learned that senior citizens are worse, because teenagers just put in their iPod and SHUT UP! The women behind me talked with their screechy voices for the ENTIRE trip! I even had ear plugs in, and they could cut through all that. At one time, one lady was trying to calculate how fast we were going. After doing a lot of division, she concluded that we were going 45 miles per hour. Hmnph.

We got to our guesthouse. It was pretty early, so the people before us hadn't moved out. We waited on the street for a while, but eventually our host opened the door (someone had to go and wake him up!). He held our luggage while we walked around the center of the city.

I was hoping to make it through today without a nap, but I finally caved in and took one. Everyone else is dozing, but I think we should get our city tour now. I might go and see if our host can take us now.

I'll try to post more later. The internet is slow, so it takes a while to get to this page. Hopefully, we'll have some photos too!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee thanks a lot. I'll remember never to sit near you.

9:03 AM  
Blogger Pomoprophet said...

Have fun!!

1:23 AM  

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