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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Clean Up! Clean Up! Everyone! Everywhere!

So, I'm supposed to be cleaning my house for a get-together with friends this weekend. Instead, I'm wasting time on Facebook and writing this blog entry. Why? Because I get tired at night, and I just don't want to.

Before you accuse me of being lazy, I'll have you know that I worked until after 6:00 tonight, after being at work at 7:45 this morning. I'm getting tons done at work, but at home, accomplishment seems to allude me.

In the cleaning process, we have run across a stack of Fortune magazines. In our MBA program, we were convinced that any serious MBA student should be reading the Wall Street Journal, the Economist, Forbes, or Fortune. We went for the cheapest option that existed (Fortune). The problem is that neither of us have time to read this fine magazine that we have now ordered. When we aren't working, or out of the house, or cleaning that darn house, we are too vegged to want to read about our tanking economy, and how we can get rich off of others' misfortune.

How much do I care that my house looks a little dumpy? A little. I mean, it bugs me that we have peeling paint and dust bunnies, but not enough that I want to do anything about it.

Ugh, I have a bad attitude about the cleanliness of my house. Sometimes, I want to dump it and move into a hotel with maid service. But no hotel for me anytime soon.


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