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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Songs of Thankfulness and Praise

It's my sincere hope that we are more thankful for all the blessings in our lives more frequently than just the fourth Thursday of November. Of course, at this time, our nation has a historical reason to be thankful. But when I hear people talk of Thanksgiving, they are most thankful for the immediate things that are around them. That is something that we need to be stating more frequently. We should be thankful for our loved ones (everyday). We should be giving thanks for our home and our food (everyday).

If you are reading this blog, it means that you have a place to access the internet, something I would consider a luxury. I just heard a radio story this morning about the growing food crisis in Zimbabwe. I'm concerned that there are people who are surviving on finding stray corn kernels, while are eating a giant bird and tons of vegetables.

I hope that you are able to list all the blessings in your life. I also hope that you run out of time and space to be able to lift them all.


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