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Monday, March 31, 2008

Gone a Lot

After returning home from New Orleans on Good Friday, I left on Wednesday night for San Francisco. I just got back today. I was there for a Lutherans Concerned/North America board meeting. It was our final meeting before Hearts on Fire (the one that you should all register for and attend, by the way). As I mentioned, I'm the conference administrator for Hearts on Fire. I am feeling the pressure of having to pull together a lot of details in only three months. The board is very supportive, and they like my work. I just feel like things are not falling into place as easily as they were before.

We have figured out our location for 2010. The local chapter felt better knowing that I might work on it (I'm not contracted to do so, but I would like to do another one). Where is it? You'll have to come to Hearts on Fire to find out (can you tell I'm pushing registrations right now?).

I'm really short today. Sorry, but I'm to tired to do more.


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