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Saturday, April 01, 2006

The Little Things

The title pretty much sums it up. I don't edit my posts a lot before putting them out there (this will not surprise some/many of you). So, since I don't have a grand theme springing up, I guess I'll share the little things...THE LITTLE THINGS.

Italian Lessons: I'm almost through my Italian lesson. To prepare for my upcoming trip to Italy with my other half and my parents, I studied Italian. I got one of those "15 Minute Italian" books and CDs. There are 12 weeks of lessons. I'm now starting week 12. I do fairly well at languages, but I'll need to review this to be helpful. I'm hoping to finish the sequence of lessons. Then I'll separate the book and the CD and practice with them separately.

Painting Closets: I spent today painting closets. We own a duplex, and the other half is vacant. We've been painting the whole thing, but held off on the closets. Today, I finished those up. I don't like painting closets. I'm too tall, and I keep knocking into a wall that I've already painted. There are many obvious jokes here about me trying to work in the closet, but I'll leave them for you to make. I also cleaned the bathroom. My goodness, did those tenants EVER decide to clean anything? It was in bad shape.

New Cell Phones: We were noticing that our cell phone batteries were not holding their charge as well. When we were exploring our options, a salesperson told us we were eligible for "new every two." We knew that we were not supposed to be eligible until October, but they insisted. So, we went to the store to find new cell phones. You will see, a few posts down, where I talk about Working Assets. They have cell phone service, and we really contemplated using them. However, we decided that we could do better to use our same service and give a larger portion of the money we are saving directly to a non-profit we support. So, with that decision out of the way. Then, we had to decide to get the EXCITING NEW RAZR phone!!!! We decided that we could continue to save money by not getting a RAZR (and all the accessories that go with it). It would be better stewardship to get a phone that works with the accessories we already have. So, we are getting new/non-exciting phones.

Those are just a few of the little things going on this Saturday! Have a good weekend.


Blogger Chad K said...

Ross, it is good to hear about the little things. Bravo on thinking about how to so wisely spend your money, and when (and when not to) splurge on stuff. I love to hear that people are thinking about many of these issues too! Paz

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The phones we are getting are too exciting. They are pretty, not scratched up, have a better camera, use all the current accessories, including chargers AND fry eggs. Oh, they will also work as an MP3 player and have removable memory for swapping out pictures and music. They also are blue tooth enabled so if we ever decide we want an airport runway on the side of our head, we could. Or just steal J's. And best of all, they are produced by Motorola. My in-laws have stock in Motorola so they really like it when we buy Motorola - or eat at Wendy's. (Shhh, don't tell them that their own daughter has an LG phone.)

12:33 PM  

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