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Thursday, October 01, 2009


I've been attempting to exercise again lately. This always seems to be something that I want to do around August/September. I'm not getting up quite as early as I was last time, which might help quite a bit. I now get up at 7:00 and head downstairs for a approximately 30 minute routine that involves stretching, crunches, and either upper or lower body routines. Not bad.

Richard and I are also attempting to take very brisk walks in the evening. It doesn't happen every evening, but it was a routine that we tried to keep over the summer. I'd like to keep doing it until it gets beastly cold (which should give us a couple more weeks at least).

I'm aware that my body is getting older and more out of shape. I'm feeling a little guilt for not doing more when I was younger and healthier. However, guilt about the past doesn't do a whole lot for me now. I am still young and healthy, and I can start working on my body right now.

We've debated joining a gym, taking a class, or getting a personal trainer. Richard doesn't want to spend the money on something that we may or may not do in the future. He believes that our work in the basement is good enough until we can establish a real exercise routine. I would like a class or a trainer, just so that I have something to go to. Someone to keep me accountable. Someone to watch my form and keep me from hurting myself. For now, the basement is working fine, but someday I'll want to step out into the world where people work out.

Let me be clear, I'm not in bad shape, but I could be in better shape. This is about preservation and maintenance. I'm not going to become a gym bunny or anything. But I do want to live a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise. So I'm putting it out there for others to follow up on.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey - if you're interested... I could recommend a great Pilates trainer. She just opened her own studio... and pilates is awesome. Let me know if you're interested. ~Lauren

10:15 PM  
Blogger Korla said...

fwiw, my family has about ten years worth of YWCA guest passes saved up, minus about four. If you want to check out the Y, just let me know!

9:56 PM  

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