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Saturday, May 02, 2009

On Godparenting

I'm currently in Minot, ND for the confirmation of my godson. He was baptized in 2000, when he was six years old, and now he is old enough to be confirmed.

This weekend is shorter than I (or anyone else) would like it to be. We didn't leave until this morning, at 6:00 AM. We got to Minot about 1:30 PM. The rest of the afternoon has been spent eating, and watching kids swim. Naomi (my three-week-old niece) is here, so I've been holding her quite a bit. It's been a good time getting to visit and play.

I'm now one of the "older group". There are enough children and grandchildren that I won't be relegated to the "kids table" anymore.

Tomorrow is the confirmation ceremony at church. I believe that the godparents are going to be standing around the confirmands. My godson has four godparents, his two uncles, and my sister and me. I don't often feel like I'm a good godparent. I'm not around all that much. However, I've always appreciated the love and affection that I get from my godson. Perhaps that's enough. Although I think I always want to be more involved.I'm very proud and excited for him. He's a very good kid, turning into a great young man.

After the confirmation service, we'll begin the long trek home.


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