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Friday, December 19, 2008

Death Is All Around Me

In September about one of our students, Ahmednur Ali, who was shot and killed during our Homecoming week.

In all, we have had four student deaths at our college since this summer. Two were a week apart. One was Thanksgiving weekend.

In addition, I've just learned the my friend, Kristen, is going into hospice care for ovarian cancer. She is only 35. She and her partner were married this September, and she looked beautiful (and bald). Knowing that she is getting ready to die is really affecting our household.

We are asking ourselves what we really want out of life. How do we balance a smart planning for the future with the expectation that we don't know the number of our days? It's a constant struggle.

It's hard to be around all this death, and not be affected by it. With many of the others, I was a little distant, but this is different. She is a close friend. I admired her so much. She was so strong.


Blogger Scott Alan said...


Here's hoping your travels and time with family will provide some peace.

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