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Monday, August 11, 2008

On the Move

Today, I'm balancing two of my jobs against one another. I'm heading into my normal, day-type job. The issue here is that it is still summer. I'm not quite supposed to be in work yet. But there is a conference on academic support for students in recovery, and I was asked to be there. Plus, one of my best friends is going to be there and presenting. I just couldn't pass that up.

But then I'm leaving early for Washington, DC. I'm going to be scouting out the location of the next LC/NA Assembly in 2010. I'm excited for some of the changes that we might be implementing. I won't talk about them here until I know they are going to happen, but I think it brings us to the next level! Very exciting!

I'll be in DC until Thursday. Have a good week, kiddos!


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