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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ergo my Ego

I got a job offer recently...and I turned it down.

I think I had been pitying myself lately, thinking I was in a slump. Thinking that my skills and work were not appreciated. Getting a job offer really pumped me up and stopped me from feeling sorry for myself. I knew that this job was not the right job for me, so I ended up saying no.'s nice to be asked.

Currently, I'm also in San Francisco, working on Hearts on Fire. This week is a lot of stress and work. I'm sure that by the time it ends on July 6, I will be feeling pretty high. I will have forgotten the stress that I'm going through and will only feel euphoria for the good event. I think this happens at every event I go through.

I also know that I will feel very appreciated at this event as well. People really like the work that I do. I don't think I'm bragging, because I'm always questioning my work, but others comment on it...and I like to hear those comments. I know that the stress and complaining that I'm going through now will be swept up in the smiling faces of those who will be attending.

I sound like I'm giving birth...which is appropriate. This conference has been my baby for 18 months. It's about time that I get to see my work come to fruition.

Yes, I'm getting the ego boost that I want.


Blogger Scott Alan said...

You should - because I and many others do know the good work you do. Sorry if we haven't been more vocal about it!

10:58 AM  

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