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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

We Bought the Farm

Lest anyone think that someone died, they didn't. Well, I'm sure someone did, but not connected to my life very directly.

I wrote a while ago that we lost our share in Community Supported Agriculture. They couldn't find a seasonal grower, so they decided to cancel their season. I was worried that it was too late to find a new farm, but it appears that we are in luck.

We have found a few farm, and we got in just under the wire. They are a little more expensive than our first choice, but that is because they have a longer season. The farm is Rock Spring Farm, and we are very excited about them. In addition to our summer share, which runs from June 15 to October 5, we can also get a winter share that gives us a lot of root vegetables and stored vegetables. This farm has quite a few add-on's that we might be interested in trying.

Last night I actually clipped a recipe from a newsletter I was reading. I've never done that before, but it was exciting to see how I might be able to cook up something as good as you can get in a restaurant.

Obviously, I'm very excited about my farm share. We are starting slowly, but if we like it, we will probably add the winter vegetable share, as well as the spring green share. This means that by next year we might get some form of fresh produce from March to December. Not too shabby.


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