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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Fast is Broken!

On Pentecost Sunday, we broke our fast. Saturday night was our last evening of the fast, and it was a doozy. For me, Saturday was probably the hardest day. While I'm at work, I could distract myself from the fact that I wasn't eating. At home, there wasn't much that could do that would make me forget that there was food just feet away from me. However, we did have to put our basement back together after our drain tile project. Between that and napping, our Saturday went fairly quickly.

Of course, breaking the fast is probably more difficult than keeping the fast. You can't go from no food to lasagna right away. We spent a good portion of the day juicing fruits and vegetables. The more difficult portion was that our roommate was graduating from seminary. She invited a bunch of us to Buca's. For those of you who don't know, Buca's is an Italian restaurant that serves huge portions of food family-style. Of course, we couldn't eat any of the food (without the possibility of getting sick), so we ate a little salad and roasted vegetables.

Likewise, yesterday we were invited to another friend's for Memorial Day dinner. Instead of grilling, he set out a plethora of fruits and vegetables and we all munched on the food. So far, no illness!

I'm not completely on a full diet. I'm eating a lot of fruits and vegetables for the next few days. After a little bit, I'll introduce yogurt into my diet. Yogurt has good bacteria that I need to replenish in my colon.

The fast was a success. I feel good and I'm excited to start eating good food again. I'm not excited about eating any junk food. Amazingly, the fast has really turned me off to fast food and processed food. I'm ready to eat, but I want to eat some quality stuff!


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