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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Snow Day...Part II

It's happened again. We have gotten more snow this week than we have gotten all winter. It's like a cruel joke, we are less than a week away from spring, and we have 9 inches on Monday and at least another 6 inches today (and it's still snowing). My other half is getting light compensation for doing the neighbor's driveway. He just got in from snowblowing the block. We are going to try to get to work later. It's not so bad that I get to stay home there is a free lunch happening today at work. Can't miss that, can I?

Last night, I visited a large church in a southern suburb. They are doing a series called "Wet Socks". They want to talk about things that make you uncomfortable. So, I came to talk about homosexuality and the church. It was a good conversation. I was pleasantly surprised that a large suburban congregation is this open to conversations. I drove back in the snow last night, just as it was starting. It was a slow ride back, but I made it.

Winter is not my thing. I more of a summer person, so I'm wanting spring to get here. This snow thing is wearing on me a little.


Blogger mark said...

hey ross.
i know Servant's Prayer because I have the Fat and Happy CD that has it on it... Well, a copy of the CD anyway... But, after I sang it at the coffee house at seminary, there have been requests that it be sung at our baccalaureate service. Do you know where one could find the sheet music for it? I tried to find Cathy Pino's e-mail address because I know she worked for Youth Encounter at one time, but as hard as I searched, I was unable. Do you have any ideas??? Help a brother out!!!

5:56 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

You have the Fat & Happy CD?!?!?! I love that CD.

I'll see if I can find Cathy Pino's email address. I used to have the music, until I was kicked out of YE.

9:30 PM  

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