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Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm Obsessing

I make up the weekly topical schedule for The Naming Project. Every so often, we watch a film. Sometimes it's a documentary, and sometimes its just a silly movie with no point. I scheduled in a showing of RENT, since I like the movie and I think it's a great discussion provoker. So, I moved the film to the top of my Netflix list. I'm not big into buying movies, so I figured this would be the way to go.

Anyway, I watched it tonight...for the first time since I've seen it in the theatre. Wow. It still moves me. I watched the whole thing, and then watched the commentary over the film a second time. Keep in mind that this movie is over two hours long, so I spent at least four hours in front of the TV today. That's not something I normally do.

I'm still mesmorized by this film. I connect with it very strongly, even though I'm very removed from their situation. I love to see this community of friends move through a year of their lives together. We see the ups and downs. We see how they commit to one another, and how they break those commitments. Maybe that's what gets me more than anything else. This is the sort of community I crave...and the sort of community I have.

I was a plan of the play, so I sort of mix the two in my head. Of all the characters, I connect most strongly with Mark. He's the sort of observer. He keeps his emotions in check, even through the most difficult of times. He doesn't quite know what he really wants out of life. He wants to capture life on film, but doesn't always know how to fully live it. I've felt that way...not always, but often enough that I can recognize it in someone else.

If you have not yet seen the movie, I continue to recommend it. Go with an open heart and mind. You will love it.


Blogger Chad K said...


6:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh - let me tell you.......HE'S OBSESSING!! Of course we are constantly re-living the movie and songs. It is quite fun. Hey, I think he wants this for Christmas (or earlier) if anyone out there is listening.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Tara Ulrich said...

Hey Ross. Found your blog through Marks. I just watched Rent myself this weekend and loved it. To be honest, Mark is one of my favorite characters. Dont know why but he just is!You are right though. There is something strong about having a group of friends like that. Pretty powerful stuff huh!

10:54 PM  

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