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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Journey Ahead

I haven't yet mentioned this, but for Christmas, my parents gave my partner and I a trip to Italy...with my parents. I have a hunch it was as much of a gift for my parents as it was for me. They have been excited to go for some time now, ever since their pastor returned from Italy last summer.

I also think they were tired about "talking" about us all traveling together, and never doing it. So, they decided to go for it. My sister was even left out of the deal, because she had no good time to be able to travel. We all told her she can travel with us in a year or two, when she finishes her Master's Degree. We are all hoping that these new family vacations become a regular occurrence.

Part of the catch (and it's not that big of a catch) is that my other half and I have to plan all the details of the trip. As I'm doing all this, I realize that I have never traveled when I have to plan my own travel. I have always been a part of a class, or tour, or group of some sort. I've not had the responsibility of decided airfare and hotels.

And you know what? I really enjoy it. This planning has been fairly easy, and we are still within budget (I think). I'm even trying to learn Italian.

I'm writing this a little bit now. I'm sure that over the coming months, I'll drone on about trip planning, and little details. If you have any tips or suggestions, I'd welcome them heartily!


Blogger Michael Dodd said...

Whatever you do, don't miss Assisi. It doesn't have the high culture of Florence or the overwhelming Roman monuments and so on. But I bet it will be the place you remember when you come home.

11:52 AM  

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