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Monday, January 04, 2010

Christmas Recap

I've spent nearly two weeks with my family. Everyone was here, from my eight-month old niece, to my 81-year old grandmother. We spent Christmas at my house (a first for me). Them more exciting part came after Christmas. We loaded up on an airplane and headed to Puerto Rico as a family. And we had a WONDERFUL time!

We stayed in Ponce. It's the second largest city in PR, on the south side of the island. It was really a pleasant city. We stayed a resort with a pool and a beach. My grandmother could be pampered (by us and the resort staff). My niece could nap when she wanted and go out with us as well. Richard and I drove around the city quite a bit. We had to get two vehicles, so Richard and I were the drivers for the whole group.

The trip was the Christmas gift from my parents. Richard and I gave the gift of a snorkeling trip. My sister and her husband gave us all massages (or, we used the massage service in the resort). My grandmother paid for nearly all the meals. It was a great time, sharing a lot of the expenses.

We ventured outside of Ponce a little, but there is a lot of the island that was unexplored. We feel the need to go back and explore some more! We are also discussing the next family trip...


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