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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Roads

So, maybe I'm interpreting too much, but it seems like the roads are in much worse condition than they have ever been before. I only started commuting to St. Paul to work last February, and it is possible that there wasn't a significant snowfall that stayed very long. Well, in December, we had a big snow (in fact, we had a couple). After the snow in mid-December, there was dirty snow and slush all over the streets. I'd sort of slop through it to get to work. I just assumed that St. Paul had a really crappy snow removal system.

After the Christmas snow, it got really cold. The snow that got packed down just turned to ice. Instead of driving through slush and slop, I'm sliding across whole blocks of sheer ice (with holes in it).

I can't help but wonder if the road conditions has anything to do with budget cuts, and the inability to remove all the snow after a major snow fall. I've been hearing on the news that snow removal is being cut to the bone. Perhaps I'm driving on our budget cuts.

Another possibility is that this is just St. Paul roads. I'm someone who clearly prefers Minneapolis over St. Paul, so I'm fine with saying that the crappy roads are just a St. Paul thing. Of course, that doesn't explain why my driveway isn't clearing either...

Be careful driving out there!


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