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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Failure to Blog - But Successful in Life!

So, I leave you with a lot of photos of me and my family in thermal pools, and that's it. This thing hasn't been updated since July 4, and it's nearly September.

Sorry. My bad.

Some of you might be questioning my dedication to this do I.

However, in my defense, I would like to offer a little recap on what I've been doing since the 4th of July. It's been a pretty wild ride!

July 7: Cirque de Soleil. Now I know what the frenzy is all about!

July 17-19: Camp Vermilion 50th Anniversary and Family Visit: I got to see my 3-month old (at the time) niece and my 81 year old grandmother, all in the same weekend! Also, it was incredible to get to reconnect with many of my old Camp Vermilion friends/counselors/fellow staff.

July 20-26: The ELCA National Youth Gathering: For the first time, LC/NA was invited to have a booth in the Interaction Center of the Gathering. My intern, Dylan, and I were there all week, handing out temporary tattoos of the RIC logo. We talked to kids about LC/NA and the Reconciling in Christ program is. The kids (and chaperons) were very excited and thankful that we were there. We signed up 600 Reconciling Lutherans! It was an awesome experience. We need more space next year!

July 26-30: Convention of the Lutheran Youth Organization: I presented a workshop and was a resource person for conversations about the ELCA's proposed Social Statement on Human Sexuality. I got to connect with many of the young leaders of the church, many of whom are excited about the direction that the ELCA is heading. I feel confident with them at the helm!

August 3-7: The Naming Project Summer Camp: This was the biggest camp year yet, with 13 campers! The group was very close and got along incredibly well. There was little drama to deal with. It was another good year with TNP!

August 17-23: The ELCA Churchwide Assembly: This probably needs one or more blog posts of its own. The ELCA was considering a Social Statement on Human Sexuality and Ministry Recommendations for people on the roster of the ELCA. We survived a tornado strike! We passed an inclusive Sexuality Statement (by one vote, just hours after the tornado). We also changed our policy to allow clergy in committed same-gender relationships to serve as pastors and other rostered leaders. It was a LONG week, but the results are great! I am exhausted and overjoyed! (someone else blogged)

August 24-26: Welcoming Program Leaders Round-table Retreat: Spending time with my counterparts in all the other denominations. Getting to gloat about the Lutherans' good work from the week before.

August 28: MN State Fair: Butter sculpture and crop art. Oh, and lots of food!

So, that pretty much brings me up to the present. I'm trying to rest and recuperate before the business of the fall begins. I've been too busy to update this, but I feel that this summer was not a failure at all. It was a SUCCESS!

Blessings to you as you wind down your summers!


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