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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Do I Want to Tweet?

When my friend, J, started a blog, I resisted following suit. I sort of wondered what sort of self-important person would want to put his/her thoughts out there to read. I read his blog, because he was my friend and I could often understand the "inside story" of what he was describing. Eventually, I gave in, and In Lay Terms was born. I viewed it as an opportunity to practice my writing style, while putting some thoughts out there. I never anticipated that those beyond my closest circle of friends and family would follow it.

If you have read this for a long (or short) amount of time, you know that I can be pretty hit-or-miss with this blog. Some days, I feel like I write pretty good thoughts. Some days, I just throw something up here. And then there are the weeks that pass when I do nothing at all with this blog. Eventually, my grandmother will get on my case to put something new up.

Then Facebook came along. It was a place where you can post photos and "notes" (which look a lot like blogs. You can also "friend" people or "poke" people or do other awkwardly-named actions. However, my favorite feature is probably the status update. I seem to enjoy the challenge of writing a one or two sentence monologue (in the third person) that always begins with my name. It's great.

Now there is Twitter. As far as I understand it, Twitter is just like the status update from Facebook. I write my short comments and I read other people's short comments. I can follow Richard Florida or a friend who actually lives in Florida.

The big question I want to do it? It seems like my writings are getting shorter and shorter all the time. Twitter is about the shortest thing you can do to share a thought. Perhaps next we will have a social networking site that only consists of emoticons.

I'm tempted to try it, but I'm not sure yet. Are any of you on it? What do you think? Do I need one more distraction (probably not)? Do I have anything pithy to share? Can I just do the same thing on Facebook? Should I continue to try to write longer pieces for the blog?

I look to you for advice.


Blogger Scott Alan said...

I don't use Twitter because it doesn't seem to have the same focus on connection that Facebook has (once you get past the bazillion quizzes, that is). But that's just me.

11:34 PM  

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