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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

...and now another week...

In the ever-dramatic saga that is my life, I've now entered another week. Another week means another overwhelming emotion. I've had pride, despair, and now I'm into hope.

Yes, that's right: hope. I'm hopeful for the future.

Here's what was happening while Richard was getting laid off. I was negotiating my way into a new job. In fact, I said yes to a new job just the day before Richard lost his job. I held onto that information for a few days, discussed things with Richard, and on Tuesday of this week, I typed up my letter of resignation.

In chapel at Augsburg, the text was about the calling of James & John. They dropped their nets to follow Jesus. Since that moment, I have been thinking about nets. Maybe James & John had fishing nets, but they also had safety nets. These nets provided a "safe" existence where they could get by. Perhaps they could even practice their passion on the side. But nets are confining as well. You can get trapped and caught up in nets and never get to move forward. Even safety nets stop you from going the places that you may be called to go.

Even the benediction that day spoke to my situation. It was taken from South Africa. I can't seem to find it on line, so I only paraphrase, "Go my people. Your place is not here. Go." I realized that I was being called to something new, scary, and exciting. So I took it as a message.

I decided that my resignation announcement should be, "I'm dropping my nets."

Where am I working? Well, concern for privacy will keep me from revealing that too quickly. I need to start at this new place and settle in. I also want to find out how much they want me to discuss their work in my blog. It's possible that I would also be starting a blog for this organization.

Suffice it to say that I'm excited about this move. It will use my gifts and skills. It will also push me in new and uncomfortable ways.

Even in the midst of need to drop the nets.


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