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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hot Date

My favorite part of Facebook is the status update. I can make a very short, snappy, pithy sentence that will express a kernel of what I'm doing and make it as creative as possible, within a time frame.

Last night, I went on a hot date with Richard. What was funnier was that I randomly took out my phone and updated my Facebook account status (have I mentioned that the status is my favorite part of Facebook...well, it is).

I made my status as follows:
Ross is having a hot date. Right now we are at the Olive Garden. Classy.

I received the following comments:
Hey hey hey. At least you HAVE dates!

And even classier that you're doing Facebook during dinner at said Olive Garden.... :-)

You two are some kind of classy dudes, I am out with the boys (meaning my little boys, as opposed to "the boys") at a local pia place

Perhaps you are checking all of these comments in between the bread sticks and main course. Will we get another posting before the tiramisu arrives?

Wait, wait, get another helping of the bottomless salad, since we're all here.

I could go for some chocolate cake

bottomless salad, endless bread sticks, perky waitress, super-cheesy manicotti -- life doesn't get much better!

You had me until the perky waitress part.

... and with 664 friends, how do you even find the time to have a hot date. Richard is one lucky man.
I took out the names, but I should let you know that these commenters posted multiple times. This became a conversation between all these "friends". I know that there are some blogs that have conversations (and flights) in the comment section. It's never happened on my blog. I don't expect it to. But now the bar had been set. I had to see what I could do. My next status update stated:

Ross 's hot date has moved onto watching Milk off some moovie gift certificates. I'll keep you posted. (Typo kept in there)

The comments poured in again:
Do keep us posted, Sean Penn rocks!

how's our date going? i haven't heard in hours!

"Moovie" - that was good. Were there a lot of people in the barn?

I'm getting a very weird voyeuristic we're all on the date with there a reason updates stopped??

Of course, I couldn't post while the movie was going on (because I'm a classy guy, just see above). So I sort of let down my posters. You can begin to see that in my commenter's concern. So this morning, I decided I needed to put two status updates up there quickly:

Ross saw Milk last night, and now he wants to ORGANIZE!

And got one comment.

My husband, our roommate, and I went to see it as well. It was amazing. I came away with the same feeling--added to that the need to run for office to effect real change--or visit the legislators every day, etc. It can be done!! Sean Penn was amazing.
If I were a real serious-type blogger, I'd comment more on the movie. It did make me want to organize people to make some real change in the world. However, this is about Facebook, so I decided I should give a little end-of-date (next morning) update:
Ross wants to thank everyone for the hot date last night.

And we close with two quick and classy responses:

no doubt it was better for you than for the rest of us

We all collectively kiss you at the door and pause expectantly....

I think I've just completed a recap, not of my date, but my postings about my date. That might make your head want to explode!


Blogger Michael Dodd said...

Fun! You are now officially ready to be a television ad for a cell phone. Well, maybe on Logo anyway.

Speaking of which, we finally got Logo and I finally caught Camp Out.

I assume you have seen the snarky Will & Grace episode about Olive Garden?

7:40 AM  
Blogger Scott Alan said...

Awesome - I TOTALLY would have played along if I'd caught your update!

1:31 PM  

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