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Monday, January 05, 2009

Ending Gifts

I spent most of the Christmas break on the road. We first visited Richard's family in the greater Seattle area. Then, we traveled up north to be with my family. In between those two trips, I attended the funeral of Kristen. She was a smart, strong, fit woman of 35 years who died of cancer.

At the reception, following the funeral, one friend commented on our economy. He told me that people were scaling back the presents at Christmas, and spending more time together. He told me that all the people he was talking to were loving it. They didn't need stuff. They needed to be with loved ones.

Similarly, on the drive up to my parent's, there was a story about a family who was being hurt greatly by the recession. The mother talked about how worried she was about presents at Christmas. She said that her kids didn't get nearly as much as they were used to...and they were fine. They didn't tantrum. They didn't cry. They didn't wonder if they were bad.

This is leading me to continue my belief that we need to move away from "stuff" and toward the loved ones in our lives. The gift of Christmas was Jesus, born in a most humble manner. His gift was to be with us. We should do the same for one another.

I love my family, and I love my friends. I don't see either as much as I should. I wish I had spent more time with Kristen before I lost her. I wish that I didn't only spend 2 days with my family this New Years. I want to be with people I care about. I don't need any"thing" to make me happy. I need people to make me happy.

I hope that your holiday was filled with people you love. If not, come by my house.


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