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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Pool of Lotion

I suffer from dry skin in the winter. Ergo, I use a lot of lotion on my skin.

Now, I'm not a lotion user so that my hands can stay supple and soft all the time. Rather, my skin gets so dry that my knuckles can spontaneously bleed if I don't soften it up with a little lotion.

I've discovered that there are people who don't like lotion, or it grosses them out. My sister is one of those people. My Other Half has often been one of those people.

When you have dry skin, strange thoughts start running through your head. I fantasize about wading in a pool that is filled with lotion. These fantasies often come when the skin on my legs and arms are raw from scratching. Now, when I share this fantasy with someone like my sister, I get a little gag and a look of repulsion from them. However, when your skin feels like it's about to flake off, it makes sense to dream of an abundance of cure.

Here's my question, is there a place with a pool of lotion? I could totally see this being a health spa thing.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you can try not to shower every day, maybe every other or even 3 days , do a luke warm hit & miss, just get the stinky parts, under arm etc.
Also drink ""LOTS"" of water. and keep using lotion, Gold Bond is good
and doesn't smell to strong. also Jergens is good. G

3:08 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Wading in a pool of lotion.

See, now, that's just gross.


1:19 AM  

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