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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Birthday Miracles!

Today is my grandmother's 80th Birthday! Happy Birthday.

Yesterday was the extraordinary ordination of Jen Nagel. Happy Ordination!

Since I'm in my home town with my family for the birthday, I'll report on that.

A good number of my relatives came. At one point, it sounded like there weren't going to be too many people here. At first some had work commitments. Then, my grandmother called each of us (at least me and my sister) in a panic about driving up North for 5 hours when the whether is this cold (it's -25 this morning at 7:00). What's odd is that I grew up here, and -25 is pretty normal. Even with wind chill. My grandmother was concerned that we would get into an accident and be stranded in our car for a week. I tried to tell her that we have an emergency kit in the car, and a cell phone and AAA (which she got for us). It still took a little convincing.

Last night was the birthday dinner. My grandmother invited her friends around, so there were about 30 people there. Really, we just ate. Then we were done.

Here's where the miracle came in, all of the present grandchildren and great-grandchildren agreed to sing some special music sometime during the service. That's right, all the "kids" are going to sing something. Our choir will range in age from 4 to 45. And what are we going to sing? "This Little Light of Mine."

When my grandmother heard the selection, she gave me a look and asked me if we could sing something more...(she couldn't figure out the right word to put in there). I told her that this was like brokering the Middle East Peace Treaty, so we shouldn't go back on any of the terms of the agreement.

I'm still preaching (and I think I finally have something to say). I am not playing the organ. My uncle is reading. My aunt and cousin are assisting with communion. My parents are ushering. And we are ALL eating!

Then, we'll start the long drive back to Minneapolis to resume our normal lives. I'll probably be doing MBA homework in the car. Wish me luck!


Blogger LoieJ said...

You're right about the cold. Those pews must have been chilly today. It is alway surprising that so many show up for church when it is that cold, but it isn't as if we weren't warned, so we plugged in the car.

5:05 PM  

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