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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Rough and Tumble

Today I attended my first professional football game. I watched the Minnesota Vikings and the Oakland Raiders face off against one another. It was a victory for the Vikings (which is always a plus). A good time was had by all.

Now, some of you reading may think that I'm not exactly the type of person who attends a football game for fun on a Saturday afternoon. You would be right. However, I have parents and cousins and a brother-in-law who really like watching the Vikings. One of my cousins got 8 free tickets, so he invited us to go to the game with him (we bought 2 more tickets from a scalper to let 10 of us attend). My parents took the two seats that were elsewhere in the Metrodome. Us "kids" all took the 8 seats just behind one of the goal posts. The seats would have been perfect, but most of the action seemed to happen at the other end zone. At one point, the Vikings got the ball to the 4 yard line in front of us. Then the quarter ended and they scored a touchdown on the opposite end of the field from us.

But that doesn't really matter. We had fun. We drank beer and ate ice cream (and pizza and chicken strips). We got to hang out with family. What more do we need?

I will say, in comparison, it's like Pride, only people are all wearing the same color scheme.


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