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Monday, August 06, 2007

ELCA Churchwide Assembly, Part 1

So after being home for all of 24 hours, I’m now in Chicago. I have moved from The Naming Project Camp to Minneapolis to Chicago. I got here yesterday at about noon. Today, the opening worship has occurred, and the business has begun in earnest. I’m now watching our presiding bishop explain the rules. I’m not in the assembly hall, but I’m watching it being broadcast from Goodsoil Central. Goodsoil is a collaboration of organizations who are working to change the policy within the ELCA precluding GLBT clergy in relationships from serving on the ELCA roster. It’s going to be a long week.

Here’s my first observation. During opening worship, we had communion. There are about 2000 people here. As you can imagine, the singing is beautiful. Anyway, there are several stations for communion. At my station, the guy serving the wine was a guy I went to seminary with. When I was in seminary, I thought that he was sort of a dufas. He seemed closted to me. He really liked fabric (a sure hint). He also seemed pretty arrogant to me. Anyway, I decided that I didn’t like him. I didn’t have much reason (other than those I just listed).

Here’s the irony. I keep running into him everywhere. I think I see him at least once a year since. Tonight, he was the guy who served me the wine during communion. Again, he smiled and greeted me as he gave me the wine.

It is possible that God continues to put this person in my life to remdind me that I judge other people, just as I complain about being judged by others. This guy has always been so nice to me. I have had no reason to dislike him. Perhaps I need to let my ill feelings toward him go.

Maybe I’m growing up.


Blogger Michael Dodd said...

That's one of the things about how God works. She's always doing this stuff.

8:30 PM  

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