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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Exhaustion Point

This has been an incredibly full week. I was bumped from my flight from Chicago on Sunday night (OK - I volunteered to be bumped), so I didn't get a flight until Monday morning. That meant another morning of getting up very early to get to the airport. I barely made it on the first flight of the morning (others who were bumped weren't on the plane with me). It also got into Minneapolis late enough that I just came from the airport directly to work. Fortunately, my other half brought me clean clothes to wear.

The week just progressed from there. The week was full of 20-minute interviews with students who want to get stipends to work at summer camps. It was also the final days before being able to withdraw from a class, so there were several students in a panic. I hadn't prepared very well for my class on Monday, so I was trying to catch up the rest of the week. I had a dinner on Thursday evening. By Friday, I was ready for a restful weekend.

Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. Friday night, we went to bed at a reasonable hour (10:00). The rain had been falling all day by this point, and it was starting to seep into our basement. At about 1:30, our water alarm went off. I was so deep in sleep, that I didn't hear the alarm. All I heard was my other half swearing and jumping out of bed. We dealt with it for about 30 minutes. Actually, I dealt with it for 30 minutes, while my other half stayed up longer to get our shop-vac, dehumidifier, and move some stuff out of the way.

Yesterday, we made a point of sleeping in. However, after that point, we need to finish our taxes, so we spent most of yesterday working on those. Hopefully, today will be our tax completion day. We made sure we slept in well today, just to make sure we go into next week without a lot of exhaustion from the weekend. We still have a busy day ahead of us, but I think we are back on the track of health.

Of course, next week is full as well. Holy Week doesn't affect my job very much, but we will be traveling to New York (my obsession city) for the Easter weekend. I guess I'll be getting ready for that this week!


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