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Friday, March 02, 2007

Snowed In: Part 3

Yesterday, we got home at about 2:30 to find that our driveway was already shoveled. Yea! We love our roommate who loves to snow!

Last night, we decided that we could brave the snow for some fine theatre. We left with a lot of time to spare, and got to the theatre about 20 minutes before the show started. We watch Doubt, with Cherry Jones. The show was wonderful. It was deep, and was probably a true story for someone. It's not a happy story, but about the futility of trying to be a whistle-blower. I highly recommend it.

We got home, and my other half attempted to park our van in the driveway. However, the van couldn't make it up the incline, and there wasn't enough room to get a good running start. Instead, he parked the car around the corner.

My college had not yet called off classes for Friday (today), so I spent time preparing my lesson for my class. Then we crashed.

This morning, I check the school web site, and there was no mention of the school closing, so I took a shower. When I was done, my other half went to the school web site. Now they had called off all operations. We tried to go back to bed, but we were both awake.

Soon after, our neighbor knocked on our door. Apparently, we didn't park the van in the right place. We got a ticket, and we got the van stuck trying to move it. Since we were both outside, I shoveled the driveway.

Now we are warm and safe inside. The snow seems to have stopped for now. I think there might be a little more later, but not as bad as it was yesterday.

It's like we got a 3.5 day weekend!

To see some of the fun, I have photos of our friends helping us shovel during the first snowfall (now a week ago). Here's one of the ladies making snow angels while we shoveled.


Blogger LoieJ said...

Too many cars, not place to put them. My son calles and said he got a parking ticket AND his car was towed away in Mpls. overnight...parked in a city parking lot. But the city claimed he had parked on the street. We're suspicious that a towing contractor has a racket going.

4:26 PM  

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