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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints

I still do not have my "opportunity" solidified, so I can't comment on it quite yet. However, I did want to note that we had a marked improvement in our trick-or-treating. It was interesting, because we changed up our routine this year.

We live in a side-by-side duplex. There is a front door that leads to an entryway staircase (I call it the "Grand Staircase"). You climb these stairs to get to both halves of the house. It's not conducive to people easily getting to your part of the building. In years past, I've sat down in the (freezing cold) entryway, waiting for kids to arrive. Mostly, I read a book, while the half-dozen or so kids come around. We also don't have any decorations, so kids don't always know that we have candy.

This year, we had to pick up our car from the shop after work. That got us home well after dark, later than usual. I didn't think we would get any. However, we've been collecting these partially used red candle jars (like the kind that would be in an eternal flame at your church). I decided that these candles could be our decorations. They are pretty safe (the flame is in a jar...way down there). So I lined the driveway with them. My other half put a bunch in the window as well.

Then, I cooked dinner, washed dishes, and read a book, while we had about 25 kids come by throughout the evening. I didn't sit and wait for them, I got on with my life and let the kids interrupt. It worked out very well. I probably gave half of my candy away (I gave 3 pieces to each kid). I also don't feel like I "lost" my evening, like I sometimes do. Definitely a better Halloween than in years past.

Now, All Hallows Eve has passed and All Saints Day is here. The biggest loss of the last year was probably my friend Robin. I posted on her back in March. However, I'd like to list the names of other folks I'm thinking about on this All Saints Day.

Grandma Ellen
Baby Hook
...and all the others who discovered God's glory more fully.


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