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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Waking Up Early...Going to Work Late

I love summer!

With our new exercise routine, we are getting up at 6:00 AM to work out for 30 minutes. Then, my other half rushes off to his internship at Major Retailer, while I spend a more leisurely time in the morning. We don't have the dog, so I don't need to take a walk. I work a lot less in the summer, so I strive to be to work at around 9:30 (sometimes even later).

This leaves me with some extra time on my hands. One morning, I went back to bed. Then I realized that going back to bed after working out might not be the smartest thing. These last couple of days, I've spent more time on line, blogging and reading articles. I'm glad that I'm blogging more often, but I probably don't need to spend more time on line. Today, I finished the last chapter of a book I've been reading.

This book is by Jane Jacobs. It's called The Death and Life of Great American Cities. It was written in the 60's and it's great. I resonate with it quite a bit. She writes about what a city is supposed to be, and what a planner expects a city to be. It's another one of those non-theological books that one can think about theologically. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in city life, community, and institutional life.

So, now it's after 9:00, and I need to head off to work. Have a great day!


Blogger mark said...

Hey! So I'm finally catching up on my blog writing/reading/responding. It's too bad we didn't run into each other at the Gathering. I kept a look out for you! It sounds like you had a good time, even without seeing me. So that's good.
I had a great time, and really enjoyed being a part of the community life team. It is good to be back (although I've been crazy-busy since I've been back) but I really miss being a part of the action down there. Guess I will have to wait until 2009 to go back!
Anyway, just wanted to write a comment to respond to the one that you left for me.
Maybe we'll run into each other when I move up to your neck of the woods soon!

11:39 PM  

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