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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Need to Exercise

It's true. I need to do a little work on myself. Now, there are folks who scoff when I say that I'm unhappy with my body appearance. I think they scoff mainly because I am a rather thin person. I am not struggling with obesity. However, my sedentary lifestyle has caused back problems for me, it drains me of my energy, and I have atrophied muscles. Yes, it's time to do something about it.

I work at a college, and our college has a "work-out" space (for lack of a better term). I've always thought that this would be a good (free) alternative to spending big bucks to drive somewhere just to pay money to do basic exercise. So, I packed up some clothes and brought them to work with me. And last Friday, I finally worked up enough courage to enter the weight room.

Is the suspense killing you?

One main deterrent is the fact that I have no idea what to do in a weight room, and I don't like to look stupid in front of other people. Thus, working out in a weight room filled with athletes can be a little intimidating...or a LOT intimidating. So I went early in the morning. I know that those jocks don't get up before noon if they don't have to!

So now I'm in the weight room by myself. There is a nagging thought in the back of my head that a person should not work out alone. I could drop a free weight on my head and smash it in. I could pass out from all the heart palpitations and not be discovered for hours. I shouldn't be alone. OR...I shouldn't do anything dangerous while I'm alone. That was the conclusion I came to.

In order to not hurt yourself, you need to know what you are doing. I decided there were only about two machines that I could safely operate without fear of great harm. An elliptical-type walking thing, and a weight machine that would not require spotting. So, I alternated between the two. I set the weight on a rather low setting (I think it was 70 lbs), just so I didn't strain myself. I was in there for about 40 minutes, when I decided I should get back to work.

Here's the other problem with working out alone for the first time. No one tells you that there is a lock on the locker room doors. I can't take a shower without a code! Dang! Now I'm going to smell like nasty, sweaty man all day long.

I'm not sure if my little workout outing had any effect, until the next day when I couldn't raise my arms above my head. Luckily, I don't often have to raise my arms above my head, but I sure felt the pain. Apparently, this weight worked on one VERY SPECIFIC muscle...a muscle I was unaware I had until it screamed in agony the next day.

Have I gone back yet? No. Do I plan to? Yes. I'm hoping that eventually, I'll be able to work out in front of other people, use a variety of machines, and become a more fit person.

Who knows, maybe someday, I'll look like this:

Then again, maybe I won't.


Blogger Chad K said...

Ummm, don't look like that guy. Then I would have to say (when I am telling a story--"Yeah, my friend Ross, WHO IS ON DRUGS)... :)

I think exercise stimulates the brain and reduces stress. I always have much more creative weeks when I exercise. Glad you are caring for yourself! Good habits are hard to find...Paz

1:41 PM  
Blogger john said...

Like you, I need to work out, but I don't know where to begin. And like you, I hate looking stupid, so I don't like going to gyms and asking questions.
I mainly use the treadmill, but I know that the other parts of my body can use a workout too.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you allowed to register for classes at the school? If so, get in on an introductory weight lifting phys ed. They'll make you go through form, safety, etc. in excruciating detail!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Bob Bussen said...

Wish I looked like that dude too Ross. But that's not the point. It's the exercise itself that matters. I too hate to go to the gym, though I have a membership and know what to do when I'm there and am no longer intimidated by the presence of the "hunks". Rather, I'm a runner, a skier and a mountain biker. It's more fun and as good for the soul as it is for the body.

Hang in there on the exercise thing. It's worth every minute you give to it.

Fr. B

7:01 PM  

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