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Monday, June 05, 2006

Feeling Glamorous

I'm back from my weekend in New York. It was a great trip. The weather was strange. At first it was oppressingly hot, then it rained for two days. That's OK. I loved it anyway.

I did an initial scouting of Union Theological Seminary. It was a good visit. I need to do some more official steps, but I liked what I saw. This visit also reinforced my obsession with living in NYC. This isn't going to happen anytime soon, but it still remains a dream.

The filming was sort of a let down. The ticket sales were very strong. However, the night of the showing was heavy rain. It flooded the subway, and prevented a lot of people from getting to the theatre. I made a few good contacts, but it could have been much better! Bummer.

I also visited a church that is starting a homeless shelter for GLBTQ youth. They are only sleeping six a night. This is barely a tiny dent in the problem of GLBTQ youth homelessness, but it's a start. I hope their ministry continues.

Yup, I really liked NYC. I still obsess over it. Maybe I'll live there, and maybe I'll just get to visit. I have to be OK with either.

I hope you have great travels!


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