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Friday, May 05, 2006

Vacation Fun

On Monday, I'll be departing for Italy with my other half, my mom, and my dad. It's a fun family vacation. I'm going to have a great time (I can tell you that now).

I'm sure I will not be getting to blogging anymore this weekend, so you won't hear from me in a while. That might suit some of you just fine, though.

I was doing some last minute work, and someone warned me to not become Catholic in Italy. I told him that I thought Rome was the least likely place to turn me Catholic. I think visiting Rome was the beginning of the reformation in Luther's mind, so I'm sure I'll be safe.

There is more of a danger that I'll become one or more of the following:

- A student of art history
- A drunk
- Fat
- A snobby American who calls himself a traveler, NOT a tourist
- A victim of pickpocketing (I sure hope not)
- Sunburned
- Blistered in my feet
- A bigger advocate for public transportation
- A more worldly, well-rounded person

A presto!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Delight and envy... I am delighted that you are going but I am decidedly envious of you. Have a brilliant holiday, Ross! I shall look forward to reading a full account of your adventure when you return. Godspeed. Ian

10:06 AM  

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