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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Falling Behind

There is simply too much to do. It's bad when you start a blog to calm yourself down, but you are too busy to write in it. I've spent most days working at work, then coming home and doing a second shift of jobs. Some are manual labor. Some are meetings for The Naming Project. Some of the stuff is really exciting, but a lot of it is stuff I would rather not deal with.

Here's the low down. The other half of our duplex is empty. We finally evicted them. So, we need to clean and turn this place around in order to get it rented. I think someone is going to be coming in at the 1st of the month, but it's not certain yet. There have been a lot of cleaning and painting project.

We also have a vacancy in our apartment building. This is also due to an eviction. We haven't even dealt with this yet, because we are working on next door so much.

I was writing more for Akaloo. That was the writing project I had before, and there were these small articles they wanted written. I have turned it in, but haven't heard anything back. I'm hoping it's good enough to be done.

The movie I'm in is having a screening as a part of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival. I'm excited that my family and friends can see it, but now I want to plan a fund-raiser/reception to follow the screening. More work!

I'm also having a number of meetings for various projects I'm involved with. And my other half is finishing up his semester, so he's overwhelmed, too.

I'm not trying to make you feel sorry for me. I'm also not trying to prove that my life is more complicated than anyone else's. I'm just amazed at how much someone can have going on at once.

Remember, I'm also leaving for Italy on May 8. At that point, I will have the luxury of doing one thing at a time...only that will involve jet lag and speaking a foreign language.

I hope you are making it through all your tasks as well.


Blogger Chad K said...

Ross, I guess there are times in our lives when we gain perspective on the balance that we have in our lives--physically, spiritually, emotionally...

You do such great work, that is for sure. It seems that there can be too many good things to do, and unfortunately we have to make some hard decisions, or hire an administive assistant to keep our lives straight!

I am glad that you can head out of the country, hopefully with a backpack too small that you can't carry any of that work with you.

Thanks for your honesty. Paz

1:58 PM  

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