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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Yet Another Week of Fun

After a very full week, and a relatively relaxing weekend, what do I have to look forward to? Quite a bit, actually.

Tomorrow (Monday): Doesn't hold a lot of excitement, but I'll be at work while many of you get President's Day off. That's the quirk about working at a college of the Church. You don't get a lot of public holidays off.

Tuesday: RENT is coming out. You may remember my excitement about the theatre release over Thanksgiving weekend. Now the DVD will be available. I probably will not rush out to buy it right away, but it helps to make Tuesday more special.

Wednesday: Three of us who work for The Naming Project are going to have a meeting with the Minneapolis Area Synod Bishop. We are planning to warn him that there is a movie coming out about The Naming Project, and if people ask him about it, he shouldn't play dumb. This will be an interesting conversation, as the three of us all have a unique, yet strained relationship with the Bishop. What's this movie, you ask? Keep reading.

Thursday: The third installment of the Alumni Mentoring Dinner. This is one of my programs that I run at my college. I get to throw dinners for alumni, students and employees. It's a fun program. This time, we are going to have a presentation from the Campus Kitchen. They use the leftover food in the kitchen to repackage and deliver to needy folks. A good night.

Friday: An academic support roundtable at nearby St. Olaf College. It may be the opportunity to learn about this job that I've had for the last year and a half. Maybe now I'll have a clue what I'm doing.

Saturday: This is the day that I actually get to see "the movie". J has already made reference to this in his blog. We have run a camp for GLBTQA youth for the past two years (this summer will make camp #3). The first year, a film crew filmed it. They made it into a documentary, and we finally get to see the finished product. I'll formally recommend it to you once I've seen it. For now, I'll mention that we are supposed to be in the Cleveland Film Festival, and three festivals in Australia (apparently, we are big in Australia). I'm very excited and a little nervous about seeing this. I hope it's good, and I hope that lots of people see it! So, here's my plug to you: SEE IT! The movie web site is here.

Quite a full and busy week. Saturday is definitely the climax, but there are quite a few days until we get there. I hope I can keep up my strength...I guess I should go to bed.


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