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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Getting My Groove Back

Today has been a stay-at-home day. That is a good thing, since I have not been home over the weekend for a few weeks now. I can't call it a lazy day, but I sure didn't go any farther than I had to walk my dog.

I spent a good chunk of the day cleaning house. Then, then evening I watched the lovely movie, "How Stella Got Her Groove Back." It's a very good movie that I hadn't seen before. Also, Taye Diggs is a beautiful person!

I know that there is some controversy surrounding the author and this memoir-type piece. It turns out that Stella's 20-year old lover-turned-husband (played be the very hansome Taye Diggs), turned out to be gay. Apparently he married her so he could get a greencard to live in the US (he's a native of Jamaca). Let me say, that it sure changes your perspective to watch the movie with that information in your head.

All I can say, if I had the money that Stella had, then I'd probably have my groove as well. Dang, she had a nice house!

My other half has been doing our finances and paying bills. A little less restful for him, but stuff that had to get done.

Hopefully, I'll have my groove for this coming week.


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