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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My Latest Rant

Sometimes people are so dumb, I could just spit!

Hennepin County (the county in which Minneapolis is located) has partially repealed it's smoking ban. The ban does not affect city bans, like the very strict Minneapolis ban on smoking in bars and eating establishments.

I don't think I realized how much I appreciated a smoke-free environment until I actually got to experience one. I used to dread coming home from a bar smelling like a cigarette butt. I would hang my clothes all over the place, so the smoke smell could get out. Now I go out and I feel great! It's easier to stay out longer. I don't have to worry about lung cancer.

There were claims that people wouldn't go to bars that were smoke-free. Bar owners along the county border claimed that their customers would go to another county to light up in the bars.

There's even the quote in the paper that they will start to target the Minneapolis ban on smoking. I'm very disappointed that folks still want to continue to encourage a deadly habit.

I've probably offended some smokers out there. I apologize for my tone. I was just so excited to see a community encouraging healthy habits. It seems like we are moving backwards.

In other news, tonight my other half and I will be leaving for Christmas with his family in the Seattle area. We will be gone until Christmas Day. I'll see if I get to blog, but it will probably be pretty sparse for the next two weeks or so.

Happy Advent! Merry Christmas! Don't choke on second-hand smoke!


Blogger Michael Dodd said...

It wasn't until I was in Rome several years ago and noticed the smell created by people who were smoking all over the hotel lobby that I realized how quickly I had become accustomed to a relatively smoke-free environment. It even disappeared in the monasteries, where smoking had been the norm when I entered in 1972. Only a handful of friars still smoke, and they never smoke in the common areas. I used to smoke, and I have some sympathy for smokers. But having been able to breathe free now for a long time, I really don't appreciate someone's second-hand smoke or first-hand whining.

Enjoy your trip!

11:15 AM  
Blogger David said...

Merry Christmas!

9:06 PM  

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