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Friday, May 20, 2011

Quick Morning Check In

I feel like I have so many stories, but I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do. I've found that evenings go very quickly in New York. People work later in the day, and even one errand might not get you home until 9:00. I thought I would be talking to Richard every night, but it's often been too late for me or him. We are still in contact, but not doing the Skype thing all the time. Maybe Saturday.

Here's the upside. I signed a lease on an apartment. I'm not living there just yet. I'm staying with friends. However, it's a 2-bedroom in Harlem. I thought for a while it was in a neighborhood called Hamilton Heights, but I was informed last night that we are in Harlem. I got this place through a friend of a friend of a friend. But last night I actually met her in person, so now I can call her a direct friend. The apartment is with her property management company and around the corner from her building.

The pluses of the place: 2-bedrooms, under $1500/month. Huge windows. Back of the building, so no street noise.

Drawbacks: 1st floor (both for light and for safety...which might make those huge windows a liability). I'm told there is some drug dealing on my corner, but I haven't seen it yet. The bedrooms are oddly shaped.

Actually, I haven't been to my apartment in the daylight yet, so I don't know what the natural light situation is. It's always been after dark. Our (new) friend was there in the morning, and she said that it was more light than she expected.

It is just one more step in my process to relocate here.


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