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Sunday, May 08, 2011


After more than a year of a break from this blog, I just might be ready to launch it again. I'm not quite sure yet if this is going to stick or not. I really would like to keep blogging, but it's not like my life got any easier over the last year. If anything, my life has gotten more complicated.

However, that's one of the reasons that I would like to revive this blog. I have a new job, and it requires a move to a new city. I'm now taking a job with a major GLBT organization, and I'm relocating to New York City. I have to say that I'm pretty excited. I've fantasized about living in NYC for years. I think that after a while I thought that it would remain a fantasy. However, this job opportunity opened up, and here I am...getting ready to move...quickly.

I leave a week from tomorrow. The plan is that I'm going to go and get started and Richard is going to join me at the end of the summer. He is going to finish his contract and get the house ready to be rented out before he comes to NYC. I'm going to try to support him long-distance, as much as I can. This is one of those things that will great once it's done, but the transition is going to be really stressful (really). Pray for him and for me as we try to navigate this move in tiers.

You might think that having a cushy new job in NYC might be great enough, but I've also already got an apartment. A 2-bedroom in Harlem/Washington Heights. I scored this place without even having to visit. My lease signing is the day after I get there. I'm still going to stay with friends, mostly because I won't have any furniture.

The really interesting part about this is that I used to read a lot of blogs from people that lived in NYC. I think that most of these blogs have shut down, and most of these people have moved away from NYC. Now I'm starting my own NYC adventure.

That's why I want to start this blog up again. I'm sure I'm going to have a ton of experiences that I want to share with someone. I'm sure there are some family and friends who want to know about this experience. Facebook is good for some of this, but I also want to process. I want to write. I want to put more thought into what I say than into a Tweet (but you can follow me on Twitter @intlayterms).

So, I hope that whatever readers I have will come along on this journey with me. I'd love to have you. I can't promise that I'm going to great about updating this thing. I can't promise consistency of theme. I can't promise much on here. But I do want to see what comes of it.

So here's to a new adventure!


Blogger Clint Schnekloth said...

Blessings on your move and adventure!

9:17 PM  

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