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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Time Away

Today, we are going to drive up north to visit with my family for the weekend. I have a little business to take care of this morning, but then we will hit the road.

If you are following the weather, you might be a little concerned for us. A winter storm is moving into the area, and the Twin Cities are expected to get 5-7 inches of snow. There is a lot less snow further north, so we are hoping to miss the worst of it by driving north as early as possible. So far, the snow hasn't fallen, but it should start soon.

What are we doing? I'm not sure. It will probably be playing pinochle with my family and chatting. There may be square dancing involved (which also involves a trip into Canada, since that is the only place to square dance anymore). I also may visit my sister in another town, as she is great with child.

How can I do this? Well, for the time being, my job is only a 1/2 time position. I've been working pretty long days for the first half of this week. This morning, I'll have one meeting before Richard gets me for the long drive north.

Time with family is good. This is a good addition to Lent.


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