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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Past the Solstice

I am now up in Norther Minnesota, sitting at my parent's breakfast table, eating fruit.


Yesterday was quite a treacherous drive. What is a normally a 5-hour drive turned into a 7.5 hour drive to get to International Falls. My parents don't exactly live in International Falls, MN, but they (and I used to) live in a nearby town. The trip to "the Falls" was the first part of our Christmas gifts from my parents. We all got a massage from the local massage therapist. This has become an annual event (it happened last year for the first time). After a 7.5 mile drive in blowing, slushy snow, the massage was very welcome.

We've developed new "adult" traditions around Christmas. So far, there are no children in the picture. That really shapes what we do. I have a hunch once children enter the picture, our traditions are going to be very different. But for now, I really like it the way it is.


Blogger Chad K said...

Merry Christmas, friend. I pray you are refreshed by the innocence of the Christ child. CK

9:05 AM  

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