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Friday, August 31, 2007

Getting to Work

There is a rumor spreading that the 10th Street bridge is going to be open today.


I live in a neighborhood that is still in Minneapolis, but on the east side of the river. Back in the day, that side of the river was a completely different city. At some point, it was incorporated into the city of Minneapolis. So, I live in Minneapolis, but on "the other side of the river". Usually when we use the phrase "other side of the river" we are referring to St. Paul. But I am one of the odd Minneapolites that do live on the eastern side of the river.

Because of my location, the collapse of the 35W bridge has been especially difficult on my commute. I didn't realize how many times I cross that bridge on a daily basis. I really can't go anywhere without crossing that bridge (except St. Paul, but who wants to go there...I mean really, is there a reason?).

The 10th Street bridge runs right next to the 35W bridge. When traffic looks slow on 35 (I can see it just before I get on), I opt for some side streets that use the 10th Street bridge. Since they closed that along with 35W, I haven't had a good way to get to work, or shopping, or picking up anything. It's been a mess. This is my first week back at work since the collapse, and everyday I have tried a different route. I keep hoping that I can find something that isn't too crowded. Sometimes, I weave through the University of Minnesota. But that's difficult because of the number of pedestrians. Other times, I've driven a ways east so that I can take a different freeway. Also a mess.

Last night, I had to be at an event from 4:00-7:00. My other half also had to work late, and since I have the car, I planned to go home a little early to walk my dog before returning to work. I ended up leaving work a little later than I wanted (2:30). I took the other freeway home, which got me there at about 2:50. After dragging my dog around the block, it was about 3:15. They told us to set up between 3:30-4:00 at my work, so I knew I had to get on the road. I figured that since rush hour had really started, I should try to avoid the other major freeway. I got on 35 and got off on University Avenue (there aren't many cars on 35, since it forces you off on University). My plan was to drive through the U of M campus and connect with the Washington Ave. Bridge. This is where I realized that everyone else knew about this idea as well. I think I spent 20 minutes trying to go one block. Augh!

Once the 10th Street bridge opens, life will get a lot easier.

Uh oh, I just looked at Google Traffic , and it appears that there is no traffic on the bridge. This is a bad sign.

I better get driving!


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