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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Mixmaster Ross

A few months ago, we bought these drink mixes at Costco. We got piña colada mix and strawberry daiquiri mix. Yum. Anyway, we put them away and forgot about them for quite a while. You see, we tend to be wine drinkers. Usually, the most hard liquor we have is vodka, which we attempt to mix with everything. And since these two drink mixes require something OTHER than vodka, we didn't have a lot of opportunity to use them.

Until recently. My Other Half had noticed that we still had these drink mixes. We also noticed that we were getting somewhat past the "consume by" deadline printed on the carton. We also noticed that we had, more recently, bought some vanilla ice cream. So what did we do, we made the strawberry daiquiri mix as strawberry topping for the ice cream. Ingenuous, no? It was very good. I rarely have strawberry topping on ice cream, but understanding that I was really having a "Daiquiri Sundae" was an exciting new adventure for me.

One of our roommates, who is studying to be a chemical dependancy counselor pointed out that most of the people she worked with would have remedied the "no rum" situation in quite a different way...namely, they would make sure there was rum in the house!

Then, we ran out of ice cream. And we still had a half of the carton of daiquiri mix in the fridge, and the whole carton of piña colada left over. So what next?

We discovered that another roommate (yes, I have two roommates, a partner and a dog living in our half of the duplex...we won't even go into the whole family living in the other half of the building with us) had a two liter bottle of Tropicana lemonade sitting on the counter. I decided that I would also be inventive and use the mix to make strawberry lemonade. So I poured some daiquiri mix into two glasses, one for me and one for chemical-dependency-counselor roommate. I then poured the lemonade in the glasses.

The first issue was that the drink mix is much thicker than the lemonade. No matter how much I stirred the glass, there was this orange goop at the bottom. Then when we tasted was nasty.

So, I still have some daiquiri mix, no lemonade (I drank that) and some piña colada mix. Maybe I should just get some rum, huh?


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