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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Bold New Blogger

Well, I finally moved over to Blogger's Beta version. I thought about changing my look, but I really like this style the best. I also tend to get confused when I read other blogs that have changed around a lot. I guess I'm less about how it looks and more about what I write (although you might not know that by reading this stuff).

I've been sick since I got back from New Orleans. Every time I think that I've finally got it under control, it seems to come back to get me. When I was riding in the plane, we got to the point in the descent when my ears should have started popping. They didn't. The pressure just built, and nothing I did could get them to stop. The pressure lasted for two days.

I hate being sick (who doesn't). It bugs me, because there is stuff that I want to do. Stuff that I should be doing. But then I'm doing things poorly, because I'm trying to stay on top of things, even though I should be resting. I did stay home from work on Tuesday. I slept for a good chunk of the day. That felt good. Now I want to get back into a healthy routine for the rest of the winter and spring! Can I do it? We'll see.


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