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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Dancing...Or Not

First off, I'm sorry that my other post got cut off. My time on line is limited, so I can't go into very much detail. I feel pretty good about where we are at as a group. They have been good with a lot of really structured schedule. Life will lighten up for them in the next few days.

MYLE was heavily scheduled. AND, our group is doing a mass cast dance tomorrow night. Today, they had to take 2.5 hours of their free time to rehearse for this. Tomorrow, they will have to head over to the dome VERY early to prepare for the evening session. Those things cut into free time, but I think the kids will find it worth it when they get to dance in front of everyone. When I saw the rehearsal, I see that it will be a good performance.

There is some VERY heavy gay subtext in this gathering. It's funny, because we (Lutherans Concerned and The Naming Project) are officially shut out of the gathering. However, our mass cast is actually dancing to "Travelin' Through"...the song from the movie Transamerica. Also, we've had the Hawaiian "Over the Rainbow" and "The Rainbow Connection" (hard rock version) as transitional pieces. Let's face it, gay is all over this place, but no one will talk about it...Officially.

So I'm here, with brochures in my back pocket. I have what conversations I can. Maybe someday we can have a place at the Youth Gathering table. Until that day, I'll keep rocking with my kids!

p.s. The photo is of a bunch of us adult leaders. You can find it at


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