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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Am I Really Posting this much from San Antonio?

I'm shocked that I have the time and access to a computer to keep updating you. But it's been a good processing for me.

Last night, our group performed in the mass cast of "Travelin' Through". They told our kids to wear white, long sleeve shirts and khaki bottoms. Then, they gave the kids two little keychain flashlights (tiny, cheap torchlights here). The effect was really cool. During the beginning of the song, kids got up from random places around the dome, and walked into place until they filled the isles and the perimeter of the dome. Then they turned on the flashlights all at once...and BAM! It was an amazing affect.

At the end of the night, the Newsboys performed. Most kids were excited about seeing a famous Christian rock band. Our kids were more interested in creating a spontaneous dance in the back isle of the dome. It was cool. These kids are very good hip-hop dancers - for the most part. They were great leaders, and tried to get everyone involved in their dance. They also were dressed alike (the white shirts on black kids with these flashlights just had an amazing affect), and they were dancing with the flashlights, so they attracted attention. I even joined in, and I don't usually dance too much.

It was a super night. We got some pics. I'll put one here, but there are lots (they might even try to upload some video) at


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